Monday, April 8, 2013

Postcard From New York

Saturday, we left for JFK, New York.  I had put us into First on the non-rev passenger list, my reasoning being that anyone can upgrade from Coach to Business, but that I don't think you can upgrade from Coach or Business to 1st.

At the desk at the gate, we presented our IDs and the lady typed for quite awhile, then regretfully smiled and said, "I'm afraid I have to put you in Coach."  I smiled, shrugged and said, "It doesn't matter; both ends usually get there at the same time."

We boarded and went to seats 19 J and H, stowed our stuff, sat down and buckled in.  They were quite pleasant seats, off to one side of a galley wall and quite cozy.  Richie saw the gate close and settled back in his seat. 

Then a Flight Attendant approached and said, "Mr. and Mrs. Murphy, your upgrade has been complete; please move to seats 2 A and B."  These are the seats at the very front of 1st on the door side.   Ah, the bliss!

We shall see what happens going home.  Last time we came to NY we got 1st here and the last two seats in row 44 on the way home.  The back of our seats touched a bathroom wall;
there was no porthole and the engine noise was deafening.  I grinned because I knew that "they" up front were swigging champagne with wild abandon while we were sharing a bottle of water.    

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