Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1, 2013

Today is not a good day to believe everything you see or hear. 

I wondered if April Fool's Day is celebrated in Russia and the reason I wondered is that I consider it to be rather a dour nation.  Russians do take the fun in -- but they do it almost from a sense of duty.  "This is the day we have fun and make jokes, so let's get on it" seems to be the general attitude. 

In France, typically mean-spirited, pranksters cut out little fish shapes and stick them on unsuspecting friends and strangers.  Wearing a "fish" n your back means you are a fool. 

As you will see as the day wears on in America, even the media gets in on the "fun" with faux headlines guaranteed to give some of us a terrible shock before we remember what day it is.

So take today with the proverbial grain of salt.  It could be said that this is National Paranoia Day -- with good reason.  I can assure you that Obama has not stepped down.  Iceland is not threatening us with a nuclear holocaust.  All of Scotland has not turned vegan.  Just so you know. 

As a favor to Richie's cousin, I must mention that he has lost his pet "Snuggles" and despite the fact that this cousin lives on the East Coast, he seems to believe that it's possible for "Snuggles" to have made his way out to the West Coast.  As "Suggles" is a giraffe it hardly seems possible, but it you see him, please make note of where it was so that the proper people can be notified.   Thank you.   


May be frightened and hungry.  He was last seen on Saturday.  I am worried that he may wander a long way from home, looking for food.

Snuggles is a male giraffe.  He is about 18 ft. tall with large brown spots.  He is friendly and not at all aggressive although he does not like pigs.

He was wearing a blue collar with his name and address when he went missing.  I had let him off of his lead and still have it. 

I miss him so much.  There is a reward for information leading to me getting him back.  Please help. 

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