Monday, April 15, 2013

Long Island Places and Prices

Our flight landed about 4:30 p.m. on Saturday.  We got into the rental car and called Charlie (Richie's brother) and his wife, Rosalind to meet us for dinner.  Much discussion back and forth about where we were that minute; where our hotel was located and where to eat that would be convenient for all.

We settled on The Clubhouse - "Your place for steak since 1962."  Charlie recalled taking Rosalind there before they were married and they've been married 46 years.  That's a hell of a tenure for a restaurant.

Naturally, we all started with a celebratory drink.  Margarita for Rosalind, Manhattan for Charlie, gin and tonic for Richie and a martini for me.  $44.

Next we shared a shrimp cocktail.  $15 for six big, meaty shrimp.

All four of us decided we wanted the petit filet mignon - $160 for four or $40 each.  They are apparently so thick that the waiter asked if we like to have the butterflied so as to cook them Medium.  Baked potato and various trimmings came with it, but I declined any potato.  I actually like just the meat and bread and butter. 

Three of us opted for a glass of wine with dinner  $34.

The grand total for this meal -- admittedly perfect steaks - $274.82 which, with the tip ($54.80) came to $329.62 or $82.25 per person.

The Clubhouse   320 W. Jericho Turnpike, Huntington, NY  631-423-1155

In great contrast, we had dinner Monday night with them, their son and his wife and their daughter, age 8, at Spuntino, 687 Old Country Road, Dix Hills, NY 631-547-9300

Their food is very good and so are the economics of eating there.  Six of us opted for a glass of wine which was $43.50.  Four of us ordered the side salad and then an array of pastas - Carbonara, Campagnola, Madiera, Marinara, Vodka sauce and a Chicken Parm for the kid. 

The grand total for this gluttony $150.07 with a $30 tip.  Omitting the kid, who doesn't have any money anyhow, our tab came to $30 per person.

Moral of the story:  Steak is great, but pasta is cheaper. 

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