Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Legal Scandal

I'm a new subscriber to the magazine Town & Country.  At the back of the book, I found several interesting things.  There are 14 ads for second-hand clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry.  I liked the slogan for  It's "If it's not becoming to you...It should be coming to us."   I clicked on to find myself staring at an olive green Hermes purse.  The prices, by the way, are thoughtfully listed beneath the item being offered. 

The Hermes bag?  $13,000.  Thirteen thousand dollars for a USED purse?!  Dear God, what must it have cost new?  I think prices like that are a scandal! Legal, to be sure, as there's no law I know of that prevents a person from selling their belongings, but the scandal comes in when we read that Jacqueline Kennedy routinely sent her finery off to be sold in a New York consignment shop!  From the White House, no less.  A habit she continued, incidentally, during her marriage to Onasiss. 

On the opposite page, this ad intrigued me and I went to  This is a man offering his services as a travel guide/bodyguard for the "novice, timid traveler or dream of traveling to exotic locations overseas, but are a little hesitant or unsure of safety, then SECURE TRAVEL is the service that is custom-designed for you --

The deal is:  you pay him a fee, via PayPal plus his travel expenses and he's all yours for however long you want him, generally, he stated, for 10 days.  He assures timid travelers that he is available to them on any basis they would like.  If you like your afternoons to yourself, fine!  Want a morning excursion to a perceived-as-dangerous site?  He's there.  He states that he's the one who fends off eager vendors and other pests so that you may move serenely on through the crowds. 

I hope the guy is also a writer -- can you imagine the stories he could tell? 

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