Sunday, April 28, 2013

Postcard From Cabo - Day 1 continued

After lunch at The Trailer Park, we headed into town and our hotel.  It took us an hour of driving in circles, despite repeatedly stopping to ask passers-by about the location of Siesta Suites.  We even stopped at the fire station, thinking surely the firemen know every spot in the city, but we were told, "Isn't around here."  The hotel owner later explained to us that the firemen tend to stick to their own neighborhoods.  Unfortunately there is only one fire station in all of Cabo and the hotel was beyond their roaming range. 

And all of these inquiries were done in flawless Spanish due to the fact that our friend "Raffish" who had never been to Cabo, was with us.  He is fluent as well as a medical doctor with a black belt in karate.  He is also available for touring timid old ladies (with money) anywhere Spanish is spoken. 

We finally found it.  After arrival the hotel gave us a map that would have lead straight to it.  For future reference:  take the airport road into town.  It will be Lazaro Cardenas and continue on that to Vicente Guerrero and turn left.  When you get to Emiliano Zapata, turn right and the hotel is in mid-block. 

Despite being in the center of town, due to the layout, the place is serenly quiet.  There is a restaurant -Salvatore's - right next door which has beautifully cooked Italian food. 
Here's a shot of "Raffish"s lasagna.  Despite having a good appetite, he couldn't finish it off until breakfast a day later. 

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