Saturday, April 27, 2013

Postcards From Cabo - Day 1

After we landed, we took the shuttle to the rental car's centralized complex.  The usual paperwork ensued.  Logically you would think that one would get in it and drive away.  

Not so in Cabo.  They do it differently in Mexico.  All smart drivers inspect the car thoroughly, pointing out things to a guy with a clipboard.  Others photograph it from all four sides.  The car people expect this and just laugh.

Of our car, the manager said, "It's been Cabo-ized!" roaring in delight at his own witticism.  I must say it was easy to find in a parking lot. 

 Car inspected, we set off down the old road to Cabo.  At a traffic light, we were about four cars back.  Noticing movement in front of the first car, we saw a grown man doing back flips in front of the stopped traffic for tips.  Can you imagine the rest of his resume?

We were hungry so we stopped at an old favorite, The Trailer Park.  It's an upscale RV park with a good-sized pool and restaurant. 

Instead of the standard chips and salsa nearly always offered in a Mexican restaurant, our server (a very pretty young girl) brought out a plate of cucumber, carrot and jicama strips doused with fresh lime juice and lashings of chili powder.  It was a very refreshing change of pace.  Here's their Caesar salad --

Here's the restaurant

Not shown (because I can't find the shot) is a well-cushioned wheelbarrow that's used by parents with sleepy toddlers.  They can nap in comfort while the parents eat a meal.  Our server also admitted that it's been used to transport the odd passed-out customer back to their RV.

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