Monday, April 22, 2013

Embarking For Cabo

We are attempting to fly to Cabo San Lucas tomorrow, home on Friday. It should be remembered that we plan; the airline laughs. 

If you are an evil-doer and plan to make "an unscheduled, late night visit" to our home, it would  only be fair if I tell you that I have loaned the house to a sort of combo dojo studio and K9 training school.   I know they'd love to meet you!

We've been to Cabo maybe 8 or 10 times, but not in the last six years.  I need to check on the rooster that roams free in the bar - can't remember if it's the Giggling Marlin or the Squid Roe.  Worth doing the research, grueling though it may be --  it will include a thorough inspection, lubricated by a Pacifico or two, of course.  However, do not eat there.  This is a drinking establishment only and if the rooster's become a drunk, don't even do that. 

I also love the glass-bottom boat "tours" out to Los Arcos, just for the relatively cheap boat ride and the often amusing pilots.  We had a favorite in Chui who was enormously fat and pointed at the pelicans and informed us that they are "Mexican turkeys" as well as pointing out some distinctive rock formations.   

I'm hoping that the entertainer (guitar/singing) will still be at the shrimp place.  He has a beautiful, operatic voice and when I asked him if he did, in fact, sing opera? he burst into an aria!   The whole place applauded him!

Fresh shrimp used for French fried shrimp is heavenly if you came out of the Midwest and the Land of Frozen French-Fried Shrimp.   Of course there is nothing wrong at all with grilled or broiled shrimp with a garlic-y sauce or a bbq sauce finish.   Or boiled and served with cocktail sauce and guacamole...  where was I?

Consider this ... we came home from running errands and our lovely 30-something neighbor was out in the driveway with her adorable 9 mos. old son.  When I told her we were going to Cabo, she burst out, "Take me with you!"  and I grinned and said, "We're going to celebrate my 73rd birthday!  Still want to trade with me?" and she was politely amazed that I am so ancient, but clearly, all thoughts of a trade vanished. 

There is a time for all things...and I'm going to enjoy mine!  Incidentally, how many of you would be willing to pay some serious cash money NOT to see me in a bathing suit on the beach in Cabo?  Get back to me on this... travel is not cheap... and vaya con Dios.

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