Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Running Around

I am being forced into unaccustomed action  in trip planning and my mind certainly isn't used to it.  We are planning to fly to New York and I dread the flights to and from.  Air travel is not by any means what it used to be.  Which, 30 years ago, was rather nice.  Everyone dressed up, the flight attendants were not only polite, but they were very accommodating.  They walked up the aisle offering pillows, a blanket with solicitation.

Today they push food carts with wrap sandwiches ($5) snacks (a tall can of once upon a time mashed potatoes that have been magically transformed into "potato chips") or an enormous cookie - $3 for any one of these.  You pay with a credit card ONLY.  No cash accepted which doesn't bother me as I never have any on me anyhow.  You want a blanket?  Bring your own! 

Adding to the stress is "Will we even get the flight that I put us on?"  Very often we don't which can be the domino effect - a previous flight with fly-through passengers was late; they missed their connection onward and there they all are -- ahead of us for getting a seat. 

Most recently, we flew 1st to New York.  On our flight home we were seated in the last two seats in Coach.  Just in front of the starboard toilet.  No window except what we could see out of those ahead of us.  The tail seats are bumpier than over-the-wings (my favorite) and poor Richie couldn't sleep.   But it was an interesting contrast ... free-flowing champagne at the front end; a shared water bottle in the back end. 

Ah, well some, lose some.   At least we weren't  plodding glumly from one terminal to another to try yet again for a seat. 

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