Friday, April 26, 2013

Hola, Amigos!

We're back.  We got the flight to Cabo; we got the one home.  The landings were:  Cabo - a slight turbulence caused a "heavy landing" report to be filed.  A double first for us was coming home via the coast - we looked down and saw Newport, never seen by us from the air and then upon landing - or not - at LAX the pilot did a quick pull up and we went around again and landed quite safely.  The pilot told us he'd seen "something on the runway" that caused this, but when I was looking down all I saw was grass so I briefly wondered about that.  

Richie and I both marveled at this  and I said, "Or there's something wrong and he's burning gas" and neither of us were particularly upset.  The pilot himself said that this sometimes happens at LAX, but not often and that all was well in the cockpit.

When I got off I grinned and said, "Love is better the second time around, eh?" but he didn't hear me.  Just as well...


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