Friday, April 12, 2013

Of Airplanes and Airports...

On the rare occasion that we do get to go Business or 1st, when friends and family hear this, they want to know what was served.  In order of service...

An assortment of warm breads in a basket, packet of real butter  The blueberry scone was excellent because they'd added chopped rock sugar while the bread was still hot.

Fruit - a slab of cantaloupe with three big strawberry halves and three slices of kiwi. 

Choice of:
French Toast with candied pecans and maple syrup

The Breakfast Skillet - Cream cheese and chive-scrambled eggs with a goat cheese sauce over potatoes O'Brien and grilled asparagus.  We both ordered this and while the flavors were good, the goat cheese sauce was overkill and the potatoes were limp because covered in all of that other stuff.

In 1st, the flight attendants are very obliging and in theory, if not fact, one could have ordered all three of the above choices.

Cereal and yogurt, served with a banana and fresh seasonable berries.

Before we landed we were each given a plate of two cheeses and two kinds of crackers.

About 20 minutes before landing, chocolate chip cookies, warm from the ovens.

LUNCH coming home -
Marinated mozzarella cheese balls and roasted tomatoes - this dish covered a twin dish with warm, mixed nuts. 

Salad - seasonal greens with fresh vegetables and a Cajun-style roast chicken breast with classic Caesar dressing or premium  extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Assorted gourmet breads

Choice of Beef Pot Pie or chilled Chicken Achiote accompanied by tomato and feta quinoa salad, grilled squash and zucchini.

The traditional ice cream sundae - balls of vanilla ice cream with the topping of your choice.  Mine was a shot of Amarillo. 

Followed by a gourmet cheese assortment with white grapes and crackers.

Followed by fresh seasonal fruit and the traditional baked-on-board cookies.
Having recently devoured an egg and bacon sandwich, I wasn't hungry and told the flight attendant not to serve me the salad or either of the entrees.  I confined myself to the cheese platters and the sundae. 

Wines were the same on both flights, but add Graham's Six Grapes Port after Lunch:

Sparkling Wine - Gloria Ferrer Sonoma Carneros Brut (I drank this exclusively to and from)
Turi Sauvignon Blanc
Corylus Pinot Grigio
Pacific Heights Cabernet Sauvignon
Viansa Vino Rosso (Barbara grapes)

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