Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Postcards from Cabo - Day 3

After coffee in the patio and breakfast at Crazy Lobster, we drove over to San Jose Del Cabo to see the church and to have lunch at Damianos, a lovely old place with a beautiful patio/garden for dining.  We duly did the church and then headed for Damianos.  But it was gone!  We were directed instead to Jasmine's directly behind the church.  Stifling bitter sobs, I trailed along behind the guys.

The church which dates back to 1720.

Tortilla Soup

Gucamole fish!  How clever is that?

The food was very good.  The "patio" restaurant is located on the roof with the world's biggest bed sheet stretched over it to deflect the heat and soften the light.  It's a big, sunny room with blown-up photos of Olden Days on the walls.

Back to the hotel where the gentlemen excused themselves in favor of siestas.  I sat out at the patio table, writing postcards. 

When we'd all regrouped we drove over to the Hotel Finnisterre because from the guest parking lot, you can look over the wall hiding the dolphin pool from public gaze and see them.  For free!  To get inside the wall, you have to pay serious money.  We planned to go up to the Whaler's Bar which overlooks the Pacific to toast my birthday.

Alas!  they are rebuilding half of the hotel; guest parking was the construction site and the Whaler Bar had been closed in favor of a spa of all things!  They had a real moneymaker in that bar on the 8th floor.  As Richie said, "They could have put the spa anywhere!  In the parking lot!"  We had to settle for the bar/restaurant on the 7th floor. 

Finnesterre and the Pacific

To Be Continued with dinner at La Golondrina

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