Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Would You Order a $43 Martini?

Despite being a great fan of the martini, I wouldn't unless it came in a solid gold classic glass that the drinker gets to keep.  And I'd bring a goldsmith with me to assay it right then and there at the bar.

Trust no one.  Especially bartenders.

Epic Steak, San Francisco, is getting a lot of publicity for their new offering - the Fog Point martini, said to made from distilled San Francisco fog.  The fog is not wisps escaping from the glass, but instead it is "distilled" fog captured by filters mounted in trees at higher altitudes which drip, drip, drip into containers.  Only about two cups per day are gathered which goes to jack up the price. 

The "distilled" fog is then "filtered through premium wine" and turned in to Fog Point vodka which, frankly, I think is a great big bait and switch.  You think you are getting potable fog; what you got was the shaft. 

In fact, even more insulting is the fact that what you are drinking (for $43) is fog sweat!

If this idea takes off -- and it certainly seems unlikely; the bartender admitted that he only sells one or two a week - what's next?  More distilled city specialties from rainy or foggy locations?  Seattle Dew martini?  Dublin Down! martini?  London Fog - and wear your raincoat?  We shall just have to wait and see.  Just don't expect much ... you won't be disappointed. 

COMMENT:  "What the fog drink is - not for people that think like you so left them have the shaft. "  Richie's Cousin, Cape Coral, FL

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