Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Quiet Movie vs. a Raucous Debate

I had stated publicly (comment on whitehouseodssier.com) that I would prefer to go Under-the-House, sit in the dirt and eat raw Brussels sprouts while reading the collected works of Alfred E. Neuman rather than watch last night's debates.

Happily I didn't have to do that.  Instead, we watched the movie of Richie's choice, called "Carol" adapted from the Joyce Carol Oates novel "The Price of Salt."  This dubious bit of the film makers art starred Cate Blanchett as "Carol," a woman trapped in a loveless (on her side) marriage to "Hart" Kyle Chandler and young Tereza played by Rooney Mara who becomes involved with the (much) older Carol.

I was amazed to see how little acting the two women could do for 118 tediously long minutes.  Blanchett limited herself to an icy aloofness (except when she went nuts and beat up her husband - several times) and Mara clearly has only two expressions - doe-eyed and not.  The "not" is indistinguishable from the doe-eyed.  Clearly Mara was a star student at the Olsen Twins School of the Dramatic (and Not-So) Arts.

Anyhow Cates and Mara embark on a mini Thelma and Louise run after spending 'way too much time exchanging hot-eyed "Meaningful" looks.  I think someone pointed them at the camera and said, "Visualize a hot fudge sundae." 

Her husband finally begins to smell a rat "She and best friend Abby sure spend a lot of time together"  and takes her to court for a divorce and sole custody of their 10 year old daughter named "Rindy" which I finally figured out must be the diminutive for Miranda. 

It's during these scenes in the lawyer's offices where we actually get to see Chandler, the husband.  Black hair, dark blue eyes...trim, tall body...majorly hot.  If this were real life, I would deeply and seriously consider the womens' mental abilities, arrange for a nice restful time in an undisclosed location and take off with him posthaste.  I mean, I do have a taser in my purse and I could always make it up to him later ...

But, alas, it was only a movie.  Still (eternally rosy here) it did beat watching the debate.   

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