Friday, September 23, 2016

"...the right of the people to assemble PEACEFULLY" - 1st Amendment

This was later reinforced with the passage of the 14th Amendment - that there shall be no legislation that takes away from this amendment.

Casting my eye backward over time ... there have been far too many events when the participants either forgot or never knew about this stricture:  "peacefully."

I would respectfully direct your attention to the sudden popularity of a singular group calling themselves Black Lives Matter, most usually addressed as the BLM.  There are many who would argue (and I would be among them) that all lives matter - one way or another.  There is no need nor logic in elevating any segment of the population as "the ones that matter most."  In fact it strikes me as vaguely communist or something. 

If the BLM supporters genuinely believe that their race is being picked on or subjected to treatment that threatens their lives, then why does management (so to speak) encourage their members to risk their lives in rioting, looting and burning up their own businesses?  Any one of those activities could get you shot in many areas of our country. 

Moreover, it could be argued that the last prominent black to die at the hands of another was Martin Luther King, a pacifist, in 1968!  Today the best defending of black rights the BLM can do are assorted ex-cons, drug dealers, gang members and wanna-be gangsters.  They really should be ashamed if that's the best they can do.     

Of note:  In the most recent craziness in Charlotte, 70 per cent of the participants had out-of-state identification.  Clearly the BLM dudes are ,recruiting - a good thing; provides jobs for the unemployable - for traveling trouble-makers.  I wonder if the job pays money or only travel and per diem expenses? 

In an effort to find out I visited the BLM site where I was directed to the sign-up sheet - Stay  Disguising myself, I went through the survey which explores talents that might be  helpful to the organization.  There was no mention of the nuts and bolts ("gimme me $$$ dammit!")

What did amuse me was the absolutely incorrect grammatical use of "Woke" which is the past tense of the verb  wake.  Stay Awake would have a great deal more meaning for their cause.  Perhaps one of you, more skilled in parsing and grammar, would take up a small collection and send their leaders a basic grammar guide?   It seems like the least that we could donate ...

He wonders why major stars in football and basketball are not publicly speaking out against the discontent and actions of BLM members?

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