Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Let's Read the Paper Newspaper, Not the Online Edition

Pro:  it is quite relaxing to lean back in one's chair and sip the hot beverage of choice in the mornings.  Little things will catch your eye - such as ...

Jamaica Bay, New York (I think it's on the flight path into and out of JFK) will shortly be the gratified recipient of 5,000 recycled porcelain toilets.  Then  - the toilets get 50,000 oysters dumped into them.   Both are said to be cleansing agents.  Bonus points:  the recycled toilet-oyster mix is believed to be able to buffer New York from storms, clean the water and create a wildlife habitat.

Remember what our mothers collectively said?  "Don't put that in your mouth, you don't know where it's been!"

The great My Turn competition.  The Daily Breeze runs a two or three times a week column called "My Turn" wherein the local writers and wanna be's submit a column to that editor.  Mandates (not spelled out) are that it has to be of interest locally which covers a lot of ground.  

The Thurs. Writers ( have long encouraged a gentle competition to get this column.  Back in the day, the Breeze used to pay the writer $25 and it was a generous winner who would spend the $25 on a cake or other treats for the rest of us. 

A win led back to us indirectly because the writer almost always read it to the group for critique before submitting it.  We earned our cake, dammit!

Today our proud member is Christine Lynch whose My Turn today is:  "Buying shoes has come a long way"  When I saw this, I burst out in pleased laughter.  Four days ago, I'd submitted a piece and had been expecting to see me in that space.  And it was Chris who was smiling out at the passers-by!

This is great!  The tagline for "our" writers most frequently includes the fact that the writer is a member of the Thurs. Writers.  Which in turn leads to new members for us.  God bless the Daily Breeze, sez I.

Alzheimer's Hope - the LA Times Science File story is headed "Alzheimer's drug shows promise" and reports on a drug called "aducanumab"  which has shown some promise in trials.  I know four people at risk for this dreadful disease and quickly forwarded it on to them.

Yes, all of the above could have been found online, but you had to know to look for them.  Print rules!

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