Friday, September 30, 2016

O California, You So Crazy! Convicts To Get to Vote - from Their Jail Cells

A new law, recently okayed in California by Governor Moonbeam aka Jerry Brown will allow felons in County jails to vote in 2017. 

Some voices on this subject - a Sheriff,  "We believe that there have to be consequences to your action, and the consequences of being a convicted felon are that you can't vote."  And as far as I know, part of a criminal punishment is that you lose the right to vote.  Ever.  Period. 

A vice president of some nut group who said, "California is  stronger and healthier when more people participate in the electoral process.  (ed. note - Aha, this is why so many of our voters are coming out of their graves to do so.)

"Mass disenfranchisement for minor offenses is a tragic legacy of the Jim Crow era that disproportionately affects and diminishes the power of communities of color."  (Ed. note - the Jim Crow laws in Kansas at least, were that a black person was not allowed to spend a night there.  Blacks had to plan routes that got them out of state before sundown.  Clearly this "law" had nothing whatsoever to do with voting.  It was racist pure and simple.

Shirley Weber, D. San Diego:  "It (jail house voting) would reduce the likelihood of convicts committing new crimes.  Civic participation can be a critical component of reentry and has been linked  to reduced recidivism."    It might be if one were not dealing with illiterate thugs.  I did wonder fleetingly if she doesn't get tired of the same view every day of her own tonsils though.

Source:  LA Times California section, 9/30/16

  Aside:  a new bumper sticker - I wish Hillary had married OJ

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