Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Town & Country Celebrates 170 YEARS of Snobbery and Pretension

Shall we carp and make fun of them?  (snigger)  Why, yes, of course!

This does not bode well for noted legal fiction writer Scott Turow.  In May of 2016, he married Adrienne Glazer, a senior advisor for non-profits at Wells Fargo.

They met in 1987 when she interviewed with him for a job as a lawyer.  Both went their separate ways, meeting and marrying other persons.  Both divorced, ran into each other in 2012 and love apparently blossomed.

"What's sinister about that?" you ask in bewilderment.  Turow is 67, Glazer is 51 and she said of their nuptials, "We thought the next time our loved ones came together would likely be when one of us died."

Announced intent in my book.

A Terrible Condition Your May Have, But  Take Heart!  It Can Be Fixed!

This just in regarding the further evils of electronics...Tech Neck.  (shudder)  Their statistics say that the average person looks down at their phone 221 times a day.  Neck skin is even more fragile that that on your face and these lines can become permanent!  (Insert OMG! here)

What to do?  What to do? 
1.  Keep your chin up - hold your phone up to eye level.
2. Set aside a no phone zone and enforce it. "It's a great way to interact with the world around you."  (Insert "OMG, I never thought of that" here)
3.  Buy vats of TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream.  Cost presumably less (but not by much) of the services of a skilled plastic surgeon.. 

Are Your Dinner Plates Giving You Away?  Talking Behind Your Back? 
And this is all 12 of them.  It is absolutely mandatory to have a dozen dinner plates.  Not six, nor eight or 10 - 12. 

The diner will glance at any one of them and know if these plates were inherited or are they new?  Will the food be fresh or -- (gasp) frozen?

My advice?  If your dinner plates are enjoying ratting you out behind your back, put them in storage and buy a helluva a lot of paper plates.  The manufacturing process of paper plates renders them unable to see or communicate. 

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