Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What We Learned in French Conversation Class - and It Wasn't French

As usual, when a class is about to end, the students get restless.  We'd had a spirited discussion about Georges Pompidou who was Charles DeGaulle's chosen successor.  During the politicking that went on, DeGaulle told Pompidou he really should change his name.  People were making fun of it and making ... detrimental puns about it.  Pompidou declined.

I suggested that perhaps now (presumably) in Heaven, Pompidou looked down at the massive Pompidou Center and said, "Tant pis."  (A sort of combination phrase that can mean "So much for you/that!" or "Hah!)  and it's fairly snide.   

Somehow, and I don't know how this subject came up, our teacher, Arlette, told us she'd recently seen an old friend of hers, now living in Michigan.  I believe the ladies lunched.  Her friend is a charity worker whether private or government either wasn't explained or it was and I forget which it was. 

Point of all of this:  the friend told Arlette that Muslim immigrants (illegal) are eligible for US government aid and assistance.  She said that a Muslim man and his wife and children are given a house - and so are his second, third and fourth wives and their children!  Plus food stamps, etc.  One man and his "family" can equal a village.

Now curious, I went looking and found that Dearborn, a suburb of Detroit, is the eighth largest city in Michigan with a 2010 population of 98,153 people, of which - in 2010 - 30 per cent were Muslim.

In 2015 with a 4 - 3 vote, the city counsel voted to adopt Sharia law in all of it's unpleasantries - such as amputation of the hand that stole something; public floggings for drinking alcohol or foolin' around. 

Most recently, an Arab fair of some sort became irritated at the presence of Christians holding up placards promoting their faith.  Accounts of this incidence say that the Christians were mum, just holding up their signs.   Admittedly this was a stupid thing to do - never protest when you're outnumbered - and at the end, the Muslims began stoning the Christians who quite probably ran for their lives.  The police chief told the media they weren't able to protect the Christians because there were too many people attending this event.  So they arrested them instead.

And you wonder why I am such a cynic.

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