Monday, September 26, 2016

Trash Talkin' The Debate

Back in the day, when boxing was more of a popular spectator sport, there was a ritual called "the weigh-in" which was largely a PR opportunity to give opposing fighters the opportunity to insult each other with impunity as they were weighed to make sure that they were the proper weight to fight that class.

A weigh-in for heavyweights was largely pointless because they only had to weigh 201 lbs.  Anything over that was irrelevant.  There were 14 categories for ranking from Heavyweight down to something called "Pin Weight" where participants had to weigh 97 to 101 pounds.  The size of the average 8th grader, I would imagine.

This trash talk over the years was also a chance for the boxer to display his wit (if any) against his opponent. has a compilation of these if you wish to pursue the humor further.

In the meantime, I lifted some quotes ...

Mohammed Ali to Floyd Patterson:  I will beat this guy so bad he'll need a shoe horn to put on his hat.

Mike Tyson:  My main objective is to be professional, but to kill him.

Willy Pep to a former opponent:  Lie down so I can recognize you.

And all of the above brings us to The Debate!  Tonight!  The Debate of the Century!  100 Million Expected to Watch! 

I  will not be one of them.  I would rather spend the evening Under-the-House, sitting in the dirt eating raw Brussel Sprouts while reading the Collected Works of Alfred E. Newman instead. 

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