Saturday, September 17, 2016

Today's Absurdities - and It Was Only 6:30 a.m.! More To Come; Bet to It

Daily Breeze devoted an entire page to the promotion of something called a She Shed.  Upon further examination, it proved to be a separate "little room" on the homeowner's property devoted exclusively for the Lady of the House to decorate and use at her leisure as retreat to pursue her interests. 

The She Shed was re-purposed from an old garden shed presumably in the back yard.  I could have told the writer that grounds big enough to hold a garden shed really don't exist out here where land is so very expensive.  A So. Cal. dweller would literally have to use one of those tiny storage sheds that doesn't have room enough to swing a mouse by the tail.

Good luck on decorating something like that despite the inventory on hand of such as fainting couches with coverlets for reading on rainy days or merely listening to classical music or embroidering or whatever "ladylike" pursuit she (of the She Shed) might enjoy.

It is, however,  fodder for the Social Justice Warriors (SJW used frequently.  Which I thought was Single Jewish something or other.  A dating and mating thing.)  They will point out to you that Wikipedia designates spaces for men as Man Caves and their location -- garage, spare bedroom,   media room, den or basement, all of which the alert will realize is inside the house.         

Inside the house which is climate controlled.  Not out in the back yard on a dank day with no heat at all.  You'd have to really want your solitude for that.  And the cup of hot cocoa carried out to ward of chilblains would be stone cold before you got across the backyard TO your She Shed.

This is unacceptable, Ladies.  We own half of that toasty, warm beckoning house.  Regain our rights to exactly same degree of comfort arbitrarily assigned to our mates.  March fearlessly in to that Man Cave and usurp half of the space.  Decorate to your tastes!  Invited all of your girlfriends to bring a bottle of wine and convene in your space -- on his poker night.  I guarantee you, he will soon be back at the neighborhood bar, bewilderedly discussing the matter with his mates, all of whom will have been similarly evicted. 

Feels good, doesn't it?

Another splash in the media.  Clinton supporters are calling out Donald Trump for calling for her assassination in a recent speech.  I am surprised that the former New York Senator's people didn't
hear was clearly being said:  She wants to curtail gun use; strengthen anti-gun laws (this is not a bad thing if you have sufficient police to enforce them) and declare America iron-free.   The Donald who is pro gun (Thanks, NRA for the do re mi) challenged her to put up or shut up and dismiss her armed Secret Service guards.  Nothing more, nothing less.

But all of her supporters who are howling "Wanna-be Assasin" at Trump make me wonder - why are they so afraid someone would take a pot shot at her?  What do they know that the general public doesn't?  Is this something that we have to worry about?  Or did they just misinterpret New York talk.

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