Friday, September 16, 2016

Paraphrasing ...

There is an old saying "A Day without Wine Is Like a Day Without Sunshine."  That's all well and good (especially for the wine industry) but my day of sunshine would be No Politics At All.

Every single day we are pelted with suppositions, allegations, finger pointing and possibly - just possibly - some truths.

The Donald finally backed down on his birther stance re Obama - wow!
Hillary's entourage includes an ambulance - Oh. My.  It's standard in Secret Service protection.
Hillary, as Sec. of State, sold big donors prime seats at WH dinners - oh, and she also did other favors for big and foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation.  Politics have always been dirty like that which in no way exonerates it; it is simply a sad fact of life and deplorable as well. 

I am beginning to browse through destination site travel offerings.  If the news was in Urdu or Mandarin, I wouldn't be bothered.  That's if, of course, I could refrain from checking out the Drudge Report or White House Dossier or Weasel Zippers ... 

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