Saturday, August 1, 2015

Us and the Po-lice

Late last night (12:45 a.m. - I checked with Richie) we were awakened by massive thuds on the steel security screen at the front door.   Richie stumbled and fumbled himself out of bed and I blearily came  up on my elbows.

It was a policeman asking if Richie knew a woman out front, sitting on the curb..  He didn't.  A confusing story emerged about a station wagon parked two houses north of us, a 14 year old boy on a cell phone and I don't know what all.

Richie left them all to it - neighbors across the street waved from their balcony - and came back to bed.

We may never know what it was all about (and frankly, I don't care) but what struck me is the seeming fondness of the police for a steel security door screen.  A disturbance can be three houses away and we get the BLAM BLAM BLAM.  I wonder, do they think, "Ah, security door!  They're hiding something!  Let's see what it is!" WHAM!

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