Monday, August 24, 2015

"Psst - Wanna Buy A Rolex?"

The physical therapist suggested I look into obtaining a single-point cane as the quad cane is difficult for me.   I think the reason for that is that I look down and it seems as if I have three feet.  Like a sack race, kind of.  Difficult to explain...

So I e'd our informal personal hospital supply provider (Barbra and Jay) and asked if they had one, and if so, was prepared to trade them a hospital bed and wheelchair. *

They didn't want them. thus the cane - of which they have rather a collection-  was available for my inspection.  There being no urgency in this matter, we agreed that an inspection of their goods could wait until Thursday when we all meet for the South Bay Writer's aka Thurs. Writers at Veterans' Park, Redondo.

The plan is that after our meeting, we will go to their car, Jay will open the trunk lid and I will finger the merch.   It strikes all of us as hysterically funny to be doing this at a senior center facility.

Jay said he thought trunk sales could become a regular event and it certainly makes sense -- they've got "senior goods" and the audience/market is a plentiful and  rich one.

As a money-spinner for Jay (and Barbra) I suggested he invest in a dozen or so faux Rolexes and in the grand tradition of New York hucksters, pin them inside a raincoat.

He wrote back he is not allowed to wear a raincoat any more.  I suggested a fishing vest (it IS an expedition after all, ) but he declined rather forcefully by responding "NEVER." 

The cane supply for the trunk sale has become rather truncated though - Jay wrote that upon closer inspection, half his stock was umbrellas.  I say, "Bring'em along.  It's bound to rain sooner or later here." 

After all, most senior citizens who wanted a Rolex already have one by their ages anyhow. 

* The hospital bed and wheelchair are still in stock.  If you need either or both, please contact me.  A friend's husband died (in a hospital not in this bed) and they are taking up much-needed space at her house.

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