Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Adventure - Before and After

BEFORE  Richie saw an illustration of various German sausages on the back cover of Cook's magazine (which carries no advertising nor photos.)  Apparently his taste buds -- and dare I say greed? went into overdrive.  Nothing must do until we got ourselves over to Alpine Village (off Torrance, in Torrance) for some with, of course, a beer to wash the salt, fat and gristle down.  I do not like/eat sausages.

However, I do love sauerbraten, red cabbage and potato pancakes.  Do not fear that I will waste away.  Not by a long shot.   Their portions are large and I will have it again tomorrow night and not complain.

To make sure that we were in sync with all of the rituals, we invited our friend "D" to go with us because he and two other friends actually went to Oktoberfest and He Will Know.  

After lunch - sure to be not only hearty but filling, we will waddle over to the small grocery store that sells German goods.  I will go to the meat counter to see if they have speck, a tastier version of prosciutto, and to the candy aisle for  boxes of liqueur-filled chocolates which are wonderful to take to a host/hostess or as "Thank you!" gifts. 

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