Tuesday, August 11, 2015

O Boo Hoo, So Sorry for You

The Gist:

Shiloh Quine, 56, was convicted in 1980 of 1st degree murder, kidnapping and robbery and in 1981 he entered the California penal system, to serve out his life sentence.  In 2008, he was diagnosed as having gender confusion and he successfully sued for the State of California to pay for his sex change surgery.  Citing their fact that it was "medically necessary" those that needed to approve it did.  The State will make a contract with the agency that performs the surgery.*

Editorial part:

That the State would pay for this is of no particular surprise to me as this is California, one of the if not the, leading liberal/politically correct states in the Union.  That this surgery is labeled a "medical necessity" to prevent him/her from committing suicide isn't either.

The line I asterisked in the first paragraph has got me wondering - make a contract with the agency that performs the surgery, specifically - is there a full-time, fully set-up surgical compound that does nothing but surgically alter California state prisoners?  That's the question!

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