Friday, August 21, 2015

The 12 lb. Contenduh!

Fred the cat had his first annual visit to the vet the other day.  We were told that he has reached his full adult size and weighs 12 lbs. which is borderline fat except it seems to be largely muscle. 

The vet gave two pills and dosed him then and there; handed us two more, and said to give them to him in 10 days.

Yesterday was Day 10.  We girded ourselves for the ensuing battle.  It takes two.  Richie caught him and I dispensed pills.  Rather I tried to pill him.  Immediate departure with a disgusted look at me. 

I held him, and noticed that though he was wriggling like mad, his claws were carefully  sheathed. 

He knows we're the bosses and, more importantly,  dispensers of food. 

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