Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Kidding Around

Marketing Idea for Las Vegas:  We and four of our friends are planning to meet there for Labor  Day.  Since all six of us are 70+ this is something of a feat as Vegas always involves running around a lot.

After Barbara and I finished commiserating about our ailments (currently hip replacement and a bad back) it occurred to me that what we need is to find an Old Folks Home in Las Vegas with a casino.

Physical Therapy

At yesterday's visit from my physical rehab lady, she looked around our living room and remarked that it's more of an obstacle course than a walk in the park in the way of exercise.  So she recommended that we drive to any one of our pretty  little parks and get out and walk.  This sounded like a very good idea to both of us.

This morning though I had a disquieting vision... well ensconced in the recliner, sipping coffee and reading the newspaper, I had a sudden vision of Richie, looming over me, holding out a leash and asking, "Walkies?"

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