Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cooking an Oxymoron

"Das Cookbook" by Hans Rockenwagner   Prospect Park Books  207 pages  $29.95

This book caught my eye because we were going to eat "German" and I wanted to be able to pass along the recipe for anything that we might have eaten.  It seems I drove my ducks to a rather poor market.


Softboil the eggs - for 5 minutes; take out of hot water and plunge them into an ice water bath.

Prepare three little bowls - one each  of beaten egg, flour and bread crumbs.

Carefully peel eggs and run them through the bowls in that order.  Deep fat fry.

This strikes me as a vegetarian version of Scotch eggs and not worth all of the trouble for breakfast.

Rosti Potatoes are easy.  Instead of using fresh-grated "real" potatoes, buy a bag of loose hash browns and proceed to fry them up, adding butter to the edges, just before taking them out and serving.   

You can buy jars of red cabbage at the supermarket. 

Don't kill yourself is what I'm saying.  Don't give the Nazis the satisfaction.

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