Saturday, August 29, 2015

Modest Proposals

I enjoy reading (admittedly GOP-slanted) not only for the articles themselves but most especially for the readers comments.  I read the Letters to the Editor in both of our daily papers -- to see what people are thinking. 

Of late Hillary Clinton has been under attack including various references to her personally such as "Shrillery" and the like. 

I propose yet another -- Hil-LIAR-ee.

Readers have told me that it is difficult to comment on this site so despite the fact that has obligingly let me write 2,282 blogs (for 69,009 page views) for free,  if you would like your comment to appear, please send it to me at   and I will print it in that space.  To avoid being treated like spam suggest you use the subject line with some kind of tip-off.

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