Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Variety of Transporation Modes

I'm pleased to report that I have graduated to cane lessons.  It is, of course, a beginner's cane - the aluminum kind with four little "feet" on the business end.

It involves thinking on my part as I am very used to my walker which uses both arms.  Today I pretend that the walker is a cane (stay with me here) and put weight solidly on the left side of the walker when leading with the bad leg.   

My practice run is the upstairs hall from living room to bathroom.  I do well when my right (dominant) hand rests an inch about the wrought-iron railing, but heading back in the other direction requires great care.

Obviously I require practice and I think I've found my arena - a nearby  "parkette" that has  smoothly-paved patio floor.  Advantage?  No bannisters at all!

Richie can push the walker in case of a system failure.  And the transporter wheelchair is always in the car trunk.  Most systems are go - the weak link is ME.

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