Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Up In The Air - or Not

This morning I read with interest the following tidbits.  The pilots on AA1997 inbound from La Guardia to LAX reported to the flight controller, "We just passed a guy in a jetpack."  This was on landing  at LAX! At the time of the incident reportage, the jetpack pilot? was unidentified.  Look for the movie soon. 

You can be sure great mirth followed this riveting announcement.  Pilots and controllers love to play with each other's heads.  I have it on good info.

Perhaps not meanwhile, but back in LaGuardia, the pilots were being informed of a pair of women brawling on the floor of the jet bridge - not even on the plane yet.  Which was a Delta to fly from LGA to Atlanta.  They were wearing pink sweats on one combatant and grey on the other.  Bystanders thought they were related - sisters or cousins.  From the back of the crowd now observing came a woman's voice, "Go get Aaliyah - she's fighting."   This whole megillah delayed the flight by 40 minutes, due largely the article said, on the necessity of going through all of the baggage to find the brawlers' bags.  Which I took to mean they would  not flying anywhere that day.   Certainly not to Atlanta on Delta.   

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