Sunday, September 20, 2020

The Stigma of Being Stared At Is Lifelong

It starts early ...

Age 5 or 6, on a car trip to a family vacation comes  a plaintive wail from the back seat:  "Ma-ohm, He's looking at me! Make him stop!"

Age 14 or 16.  Suzie elbows her friend Barbara and says softly, "Don't look now, but see that guy over by the punch bowl?  He was looking at me!"  Girlish giggles ensue.

21+  Suzie to Babette   " Well this bar  is a big waste of time - isn't there anyone here who's not with someone?  I haven't gotten a single look."

Age  45 to 50  "You get off of Skype this instant!  If I catch you lurking again, I'm going to report you!"

And finally, in the assisted living center,  "I'm glad that people want to want to visit me on this my 106th birthday but it's no big deal.  Either you kept going or you died."

And in the coffin, "I told them Closed Casket!  Didn't they hear me! Weren't they listening?.  I'll get them for this." 

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