Saturday, September 12, 2020

To His Last Breath!

This probably caught your eye, too.   A report spot lit online that Henry Ford caught Thomas Edison's last breath in a test tube; meticulously wrapped the tube in paper with all of the pertinent data.  "Huh!" we probably all thought. "How crazy is that?" 

It turns out that Henry Ford and Edison were great friends with Ford idolizing Edison.  Very much his acolyte.  They bought land in Fort Meyers, Florida and built themselves, wives and kids very large houses to not only hold them but visiting friends from in the freezing North (Dearborn.)  For everyone's pleasure the duo also built a pool and the ladies directed the gardeners and household help.    The kids basically did what kids seem to do - run around a lot.

They have a mutual museum across the road from the houses.  Amazing what Edison, in particular, invented.  

Ladies if you, as a child, had a Chatty Cathy doll - thank Edison.  Although it was alternately thought of as amazing and equally as the work "of the devil."  It had been programmed to utter 11 phrases such as "I love you"  "May I have a cookie?" via a tiny tape recorder hidden inside the doll body.  

Edison invented an Electric Pen to duplicate letters and photos on waxed paper and a stylus system said to be the first safe office tool.  It was also proved later to be a useful way later to do tattoos!

Leaving with one of Edison's sayings when questioned about the number of things he had invented (1,093 patents)  "I have not failed, I just made 10,000 things that will not work!"

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