Friday, September 18, 2020


Today begins Rosh Hashana which has been described as the Jewish New Years and will herald the beginning the year of 5781 on their calendar. The shofar's horns will  blaring away across this our great country.

As a sweet, there will be apple slices or chunks of challah,  eaten after being dipped in honey.  So will pomegranates who carry an interesting legend.  It seems that a pomegranate contains 615 seeds each of which - aha! - coincidence?  is the same number of commandments in the Torah!  How well things sometimes work out...

Discovering that the shofar is converted  from  a ram's horn into a musical instrument  reminded me of a family story I heard about my grandparents. And of course I can't remember which grandparent it was.  Both of them were 12 year old orphans at the time they arrived in America.   One of them wouldn't have been stepping onto Ellis Island  if it hadn't been for a cow horn.  At birth one of them was fed via the horn as a substitute for a bottle.  I cant think either horn is soft in any way so for horn-fed (horn not corn)   Dine and Teeth all at the same time!  

You can buy a great many Jewish artifacts from a website:  I saw a couple of them on a quick pass through -shofars  $18" to $21  

In the spirit of good advice, don't buy a bris kit for baby boys unless you are a doctor.  

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