Monday, August 31, 2020

Getting back to normal

Or what passes for it with me.  It turns out I may have started a war between the (horrific) pain and generic Norco.  I complained bitterly that play Norco isn't worth a damn but all the while I'm complaining the chair I'm sitting in and the way I'm sitting in it are working to bring me down.  This morning I tried the last chair upstairs and feel much better!  Maybe my own stupidity brought me down.  Whatever.  

Any road I am more or less on track to get back to work and hope to keep you amused very soon.  

Here's a stolen (I didn't write them) start - 

Being popular on Face Book is like sitting at the cool table of a mental hospital.

You're NOT fat!  Just east easier to see.  

Generously endowed young lady - her t-shirt read "I'm not fat just fluffy!"

Remember when we were kids and our parents would say, "Anyone can become President and I'm beginning to believe it."

If I go the extra mile it's because I missed the exit.

If you see me talking to myself, I'm having a staff meeting. 

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