Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Face Mask Irony - Only in America

Specifically, the KN95 masks that  have been getting the publicity.  I read in the WSJ this morning that 60 per cent of these masks are made by 67 different manufacturers, mainly in China.  Their fault?  They let in more particles.  

A Senior FDA Device Regulator told them that the agency has been constantly responding to new data and science during the pandemic and we have provided regulatory flex when it is needed the most."

Irony at Gate 43...

I had a CT scan scheduled at Little Company of Mary Hospital and duly appeared at the check-in to let them know we were there as directed.  Bing!  We were handed white KN95 masks, one each.  We were wearing our own, But if it's offered, take it!  from that wise old Brooklyn philosopher, Prof.  Richie Murphy.

I didn't like the K95 I had started with but it had an excellent record and was the hot item of the day so I wore it.  - I could almost see my ears trending down from the tightness of the elastic bands holding the damned thing on.   I was thrilled with the good fit I was getting from this one without fearing gangrene of the ear.   

It finally dawned on me:  We got the virus from China.   We are now buying protective masks from the Chinese.  Anyone else see something "funny" about this?  Yeah it took me awhile but I'm a Natural Blonde (insert a couple of choice blonde jokes here.)  

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