Saturday, August 8, 2020

Are the British Royals Going to the "Dawgs"? *

Dawgs here used refers to American slang - dawgs for feet.  "My dawgs are killing me!  Why did I buy these shoes?  Temporary derangement?"

Except certain of the Royals have taken feet to a new level.  Most recently Andrew Duke of York made the news by groping young women with a life-like puppet of himself.  The article referred to him as "Foot Fetisher Andrew …"  and went on from there.  That label a sort of an aside, if you will.   The burning question for me were - is it a life-size puppet or one of those that are no bigger than your forearm?

I found,  that Andrew is by no means alone, mainly caricatures of  famous politicians, historical characters and more and they were used on a British television program called "Spitting Image" which ran from 1984 to 1996.  After that was over, the creators donated all of the puppets to Cambridge University to what purpose, I have no idea.    However to satisfy your curiosity, the puppets appear to be life-size.  Andrew's was a gift from Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.  

Did Andrew enjoy it?  We have only testimony from one of his victims on his reception of it.  She remarked in a forthcoming book that "He looked me up and down like a shiny new car and he was about to take a test drive."  This is believed to have taken place on March 10, 2001.

But had a predecessor to lead him down the path.  In fact it was his own wife, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York.  She and Andrew had agreed to separate so "Fergie" (is that a name for a Duchess for pete's sake?) Took off with her "financial advisor" John Bryan for a 36 day tour of Thailand and Indonesia.  I anything happened during that, the press missed it.

It wasn't until they were visiting Saint Tropez that, feeling secure in their privacy, Bryan was sucking Fergie's toes who was decoratively displayed on a lounger by the water.  The press got on it like white on rice and ran the pictures with a story.

After that embarrassment,  the two went to Balmoral at the Queen's invitation and all hell broke out as the family read the papers with their lurid accounts and photos over  their breakfasts.    

I tell you with parents like that - the suckee and the sucked upon, I fear for the couple's two daughters.  

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