Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Looking for a Laugh or Three?

There are a number of places easily found online.  You might want to jot down 
boredpanda.com  Daily they have all sorts of fun.  Recently they ran a bunch of signs put out by the El Arroyo.com  a restaurant in Austin Texas that has continually amused the customers on a daily basis.

Sample - The teacher who said my kid was a joy to teach lied.

Remember when you wished the weekend would last forever - are you happy now?

I have a Skype meeting this afternoon -  got get into my business pajamas

What did the drummer name his new twin daughters?  Anna 1 and Anna 2

Friends are therapists that you can drink with.

There's another great site -- jokes4us.com    They've broken down their offerings to ethnicity, religious, "adult humor"and on and on.  A new category is Donald Trump Jokes.  

The best part of browsing a joke site is no one knows what you chose to laugh at.  They can't persecute you for what it was because they didn't see it.

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