Thursday, August 6, 2020

How Sweet It Was! Or the Reign of Jackie Gleason

In the constant search for a new book since the main library is closed I rejoiced once again that we have frequented library book sales with gusto.  We Have Books.   And this was a charmer.

"How Sweet It Is - The Jackie Gleason Story, Foreword by Jackie Gleason and written by James Bacon.  $15.95 - 215 Pages 

The book abounds with details - almost always a good thing.  He and his fellow comics trade quips and descriptions all the way through.  Example, both Jackie and Uncle Miltie Berle were 
working at a rather disreputable Club Miami.  Berle said this about it, "The food was so bad there, the rats went next door to eat."  

Speaking of eating, it was a favorite thing to His Greatness - slightly behind drinking.  Bacon reports that Gleason's daily studio commissary lunch was  "Six doubles, Scotch and no food!"  A typical dinner might consist of a start of a dozen oysters, a heaping plate of spaghetti and meatballs with a pound or two of roast beef with potatoes, gravy and a big finish with an elaborate high calorie dessert.  At his weightiest he wore a size 51 suit.  

Gleason is probably best known for "The Honeymooners" with Art Carney and Audrey Meadows.
I thought this was interesting ...
Gleason was born Feb. 26, 1916.  and died June 24, 1987 of cancer.  Frankly I'm surprised it wasn't cirrhosis of the liver given his alcoholic  consumption on a daily basis.  His weight couldn't 

Art Carney was two years younger than Gleason, having been born Nov. 4, 1918.  He died age Nov. 9, 2003  He was 93 when he died of natural causes.

Audrey Meadows was the last to leave the stage having been the youngest of the trio born Feb, 8, 1922  She died Feb 3, 1996 of lung cancer having refused treatment instead  going for palliative care.  She was 73.

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