Thursday, September 19, 2019

Wait For It

The punch line in such gags as Justin Trudeau once dressed up as an Arabian for a costume ball designated as Arabian Knights and he did a thorough job - brown-face and hands, similar to his black turn as Harry Belafonte and for additional public shaming, sang, "Day-0" Belafonte's signature song!  I was surprised that there is such a fuss over a Canadian's didoes!  As far as I know we have always been on good terms with our neighbors up north.

They are so polite - you step on their foot and they apologize.  These are not warlike people.  Not by a long shot.

And speaking of hypocrisy, what about the time Al Gore, self-described High Priest of global warming, peed on a tree?  And the tree promptly died!  Go, High Priest!  Just not on trees.  They aren't biodegradable toilets.  And you DO want to save the trees...

Don't you think that should be mentioned in the ever-growing list of imagined bad behavior?  And endless whines for an apology?

 Justin suck it up and be rude to reporters.  "I was 29 - how smart were you when you were 29?"  I know that coming from Canada this won't be easy for you, but I urge you to send a different message for  dealing with trouble-making Racial Defenders of Our Great Nation - tell them to eff off.  Do it for Canada if not for your own satisfaction.

You can do this Justin.  A bunch of us are on your side.  And we're not even Canadians!  Sorry!  And if you ever find another themed costume ball (in Canada?!) attend it.  I can't imagine they happen often in Canada - too much attention-seeking - O  horrors!  so make the most of it.  You deserve some fun, too.  And following the hosts directive, go ahead and dress up as whatever is being mandated by the host.  Be polite.

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