Monday, September 16, 2019

"Saudi attacks threaten US gas price hikes, particularly in California."

And so it begins.  The annual upping of gas prices in the summer because "gas requires 'summer blend' (and everyone who can get out on the road then pays through the nose for it.)  I would bet that well before the ashes of the drone attack on Saudi refineries had even started to cool, the corporate honchos were figuring out to the penny how much they can stick it to the gas-buying public.  That's bidness.

I am all in favor of "business."  Stockholders and oil producers are profiting even as we the people are bitching and moaning about gas prices.

However here are some statistics.

Oil shortages?  The United States exports crude to Mexico, Canada and 180 other markets.

Meanwhile, we import 40% of our oil from Canada, Saudi Arabia is good for 11%  Venezuela between dictator wars is good for a measly 9%.

Our reserved crude is kept in a federally-owned swath of salt caves on the Texas and Louisiana Gulf coast.

We have crude to make gas, so much so that it's no hardship to export some of it.

Look it up yourselves - oh, and fill up your tank!  You know.  Before the prices go up too far.

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