Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Trying Something

Since it's possible to add photos here, why not documents, too?  Am working on a travel piece just to see if I can still write one; putting it somewhere will come about later.

Moments later.  Nope, can't be done.  The little paperclip thingy didn't show up.  So I will have to write "free style" so to speak.  Pity because it is 800 words and this won't be, not by a longshot.  Meh.  That's life.

Anguilla - and what I wish I'd known then about things to do compared to what I know now.

Richie and I, his brother Charlie and wife Rosalind all spent three or four days in Anguilla. There was nothing to do except eat breakfast, get into the car and listen to Charlie and Rosalind argue about which beach would receive us today? Then drive to it and it would either be satisfactory or not, then beach found  lie on a beach all day, lunching on the beach at the various local's barbecue, hamburger, beer and rum punch purveyors, go back to the hotel, clean up for dinner, go to a restaurant and eat it, come back to the unit, visit and go to bed.

What there wasn't:  art museums, points of interest, things to do (except to lie on the beach which was, to be fair beautiful white sand with crystalline turquoise water.)    Cleverly, I'd brought a very thick paperback book.  It was so fat that I had leftover book for the flight home.  

Today, I wondered if it was still as boring as above?  Hot damn!  It isn't!  St. Maarten and Anguilla, working together, now have a variety of sailboat and catamaran tours.  It's a full 8 hour day.  (Be careful what you ask for?)

This is one of them:  touring Prickly Pear Island and Anguilla beaches from a catamaran.  Snorkeling is said to be brilliant there so that's where the boat goes for a lengthy stop so that the snorkelers can explore.  Landlubbers loll about on the deck enjoying snacks, and alcoholic beverages,  followed by a barbecue lunch on the beach, and then champagne going back to port as the sun sets.  All gratis.  Price?  $129 per person.   There is a day trip aka Party Boat cruise from St. Maarten to Anguilla (no Prickly Pear Island) beach lunch and all of the booze you can swill down included for $120 per person.

From personal experience, I can tell you that all you can drink for free is not the best idea ever hatched.  We were in Cabo and took the pirate's cruise.  They only offered free beer, on a two hour cruise with wrapped sandwiches a half-hour away from landing again.   Only a couple of casualties  (O'Doul's re-labeled?) and they may have been former frat boys on the stag night festivities.

.Just because the booze is free, doesn't mean you have to drink the bar dry.  But if you do, you can still do more things than yesterday when we were there.

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