Sunday, September 1, 2019

Labor Day For All!

Except for writers.  What?!  You thought Fred the cat writes this column?  And sheriffs, policemen, firemen, paramedics, nurses and presumably pick pockets and muggers who will be redistributing wealth all day long.  So many "banks" to choose from at the LA County Fair, Fleet Week, San Pedro;  Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm.

All of the above can complain for all of the good it will do. Except writers.

Back in 1882 or 1887 depending on whom you believe, the Central Labor Union and the Knights of Labor held the first Labor Day parade in Manhattan.  In 1894 it was declared a federal holiday which 30  states accepted.  Amazingly enough, they were led by Oregon.  How many people could they have had in 1894?  It must be an Oregon State secret because Google though I might I couldn't find out.

But it wasn't until 9/3/1916 that Labor Day officially began with the ratification of the Adamson Act which, among other things, set forth the rules for 8 hour work days only.

The Lore of No White Worn After Labor Day
Several suppositions were put forth -

White gets dirty very quickly and one way to establish your wealth was to wear white a lot - Cleaning?  "My maid Essie does that!  Heavens above!"

Fashion magazines began touting Fall clothes in their publications immediately after Labor Day.

Crazy Labor Day sales which ironically made department store clerks work 10 to 16 hour days!

On a sad note, Labor Day marks the end of Hot Dog Season.  What?  You don't tailgate at a football game and grill hot dogs?  Insist on a Dodger Dog at the World Series?  Wolf a couple down just to stay warm at a hockey game?

Still sadder - this is the last three-day holiday until Thanksgiving.  Halloween is healthy snacks for little children.  No more candy fests.  Which is sad again!  Before we all start crying … Remember not to wear anything white to a barbecue - mustard will be a bitch to get out of your white outfit.

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