Monday, September 30, 2019

OMG! McDonald's Banned in Six Countries!

For some reason a site called has decided that I need to receive their bon mots and today's tidbit (and about 60 more) concerned itself with six countries that have BANNED our beloved old Mickey D's or, as it is referred to in France - calm down France loves it's Macdoughnalds (phonetic pronunciation.)  

Bermuda used to have one - sited on the US Naval Air Station, but when it closed, there went the only McD store in Bermuda.

Iran kicked everything international out of their country following the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

La Paz, Bolivia did have McDs until 2002.  Reason given?  International corporations don't care about healthy eating. To which I might have retorted, "You don't have to eat them!  Just have a French fry or two Prissy.

North Korea - NONE.  Zero McDonald's.  South Korea, however, has 850 locations.  Cross the border and get your McDs fix?

Iceland - now this is only speculation on my part, but perhaps McDs balked at the idea of  Reindeer Quarter Pounders?

The PR people for Montenegro issued this bulletin - "No country is forbidden to do business here."

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