Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Happy Hour Menus, Leftovers, Barbecued, Pulled Chicken

Monday night was the monthly Gathering of the Faithful Dodgers Fans (-1) and it was my turn to choose where this gala celebration would take place.  I chose Slater's 50/50, 11 Pier Avenue directly across from The Strand overlooking the sand and the ocean,  which is the new site of the Old Mermaid Tavern, the only place I ever was a waitress.  Big fanfare about how it had been up-dated, fluffed up and changed - no more dive bar - in the local newspapers.  Naturally I was curious.

Best of all is that Slater's bought the old Mermaid parking lot, too..  Beach parking is a real bitch.
The interior is considerably changed; from duct tape-mended red fake leather booths to a sleek, "hip" interior predominately black/white and grey.  The double doors facing the Strand let in a steady, cool direct-off-of-the ocean breeze.

So much for that.  We deliberately got there at 4:15 p.m. to take advantage of the bar's happy hour which runs from 3 p.m. to 6.  You can read the menu at slaters50/

There is this though.  Eating dinner at 4:30 p.m. is quite a bit too early for dinner.  How to get past it ...and then I got The Idea.  order a drink, order an app to go with them (don't ever drink on an empty stomach) and then order what you would eat for dinner.  When it arrives by possibly 4:30 p.m.  eat a respectable amount so that you can then legally ask for a doggy bag.  Pay the bill, lug your dinner home in a carry-out bag and eat dinner at 6:15 or a similarly reasonable time!

I had three fat macaroni and cheese bacon balls left even after all three of them had one "to taste" I had two left for me.  I did better on the bacon-wrapped mini-hotdogs which were quite tasty and served on a split and grilled Parker House roll.  Most of one came home with me.  All of the bar foods are $5 each so my tab was $20 - two dishes, two glasses of rose at $5 each.

The guys each went for the hamburger (and my macaroni and cheese balls with bacon)

Meanwhile, back to normal life (such as it is here.)  Richie likes chicken; I'm not real fond of it but if fancied up enough (Chicken Cordon Bleu) I will eat it.

On the other hand, I do like barbecue.  And I had brought home a 19.2 oz. $2.69 bottle of Trader Joe's Ghost Pepper Barbecue sauce to try.  You never know what old Joe(not Biden)  is up to.  In this case, it was about the hottest sauce I'd ever tasted.   Sweet should overrule some of the heat, I thought.  So I bought a chicken breast at the butcher's counter because the pre-wrapped are 4 or 5 breasts and I want no part of that.  I roasted it to fork apart and doused it with a 2/3rds cup honey, 1/3
cup Ghost Peppers.  The honey did kick butt on the peppers and Richie liked it very much.  Enough leftover to make him a sandwich the next day.  

Misc.  Read this in a book and promptly jotted it down for future reference:  About as convincing as a warthog in a top hat. "

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