Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Sunday Papers - + Comments

Same paper - two different articles of interest that caught my eye.

Of late there has a great deal of politically driven garbage about The Apocalypse Now!  We'll all be dead in 20 minutes because of what used to be called "global warning" but has been gentled down to "climate change."  Kiss your assets goodbye, in short.  We're all gonna die!  (Much flapping of feathers; alarmed clucks of dismay.)

Thus, as a non-believer in the immediacy of my demise, I noted this on the front page of the Daily Breeze Opinion section.  Common sense vs. hysteria on climate change by Joel Kotkin.

Post Katerina (2005) which was predicted to be only the start of more and more tropic storms (pause to wring hands) when in fact, there have been nearly 10 years of what Kotkin called "hurricane drought."

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration statistics show that at most the only global warming at all has been minimal.   

There has been a 25 peer cent drop in fires, globally since 2003.  How so?  We have been planting more trees than harvesting them for over 30 years.

Bringing it home, Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown likened  the drought of that time as due to climate change.
It ended in a lot of rain - just as it has for the past 150 years.  Or "as usual" (ed.)

Given the hysteria of the above (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez confided to reporters that the apocalypse so scares her that she often wakes up at 3 a.m. worrying)  the following is appropriate.

Dear Abby
On the knotty problem of too many casseroles after a funeral, she responded by asking her readers for suggestions.

A big basket of pre-made sandwiches put out for eat-when-you're-hungry mourners.
Take the casseroles to a homeless shelter  or to seniors who aren't able to cook or a food bank or a convalescent home - but I'd ask their policy first especially re cakes, pies, cookies for dietary reasons.
borrow space in a neighbor's or friend's refrigerator/freezer assuring them that if they want to, dive in!
Take them to the firehouse and/or police station.  I know personally that firehouses love food.  Forget the army traveling on it's stomach - so do firefighters.  My friend Lucille was a frequent flyer in the Station 2 ambulance so when she was back home, she sent them a big bag of shelled pecans from her home town in Oklahoma and they were thrilled.

Off track on food for a moment, "frequent flyer" reminded me of what we did when my father-in-law died.  Instead of "In lieu of flowers (please do this or that) " in the obituary, his read, "In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the Halesite Fire Department."  Since all firemen on Long Island are volunteers this was very much appreciated and I, for one, hope this idea lived on.

But one of the best was to bring a generous supply of paper plates, napkins,  plastic tableware, paper towels, toilet paper - and the trash bags to haul it all away.

I read your blog and, considering Obama's dire warning about rising sea levels, it awakened my concern about the wisdom of buying a $15 million beach front estate in Martha's Vineyard.
Jay S(not Z)

I have never been a believer in the theory that humans cause a significant climate change that causes global warming.  Historically, since the Earth was roamed by animals without humans among them, global warming and cooling has been cyclical.  I do not doubt that it happening at an infinitesimal level, but the belief that it will kill us in nine years seems to me to be more of a moronic scare tactic than a scientifically-based hypothesis.  Indiana Doug

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