Saturday, September 7, 2019

This'n That - Comments

Disquieting News
The President of the South Bay New Orleans Jazz Club sent out the news that tomorrow (Sunday) is our last session at the Knights of Columbus, 214 Avenue I, Redondo Beach.  He headed it "Farewell to the Knights."  Which begs the question, "Where to next?"  

The club officials have explored various venues but there have been no announcements.  This was a perfect spot for quite some time.  Free parking in the Wells Fargo parking lot just up the street, two blocks to the sand on the beach; plenty of choices for a drink and a bite afterward.. big room with a nice bar overlooking it all.  

Tomorrow there will four sets and then I guess we all exit and the door is locked behind us.  We shall see.  

Myabe it will be happy news though - a bigger, better place!  Hope springs eternal?  

Something New at Tin Roof Bistro
The menu now lists a Carbonara pizza - composed of prosciutto, wood-fired maitake mushrooms (they look like a brain, all wrinkledy,) ricotta, smoked mozzarella, pecorino and a sunny-side-up egg.  

Having seen the French version of a pizza with egg on it - a raw egg yolk in the half shell in the center of the pizza, I wanted no part of egg(s) and pizza.  I asked if it might come eggless? "No problem!"  I liked it, but wasn't raving about it egg or not.  In future I will stick to my Pig and Fig which is Neutche's bacon chunks, chunked fig, dotted with blue cheese and a balsamic vinegar reduction and the "bed" of the pizza is ricotta (I think.)   To my surprise, Richie tasted the Carbonara and liked it.  I doubt he'd ever order it because for sure he will not eat fig and pig.  "A pizza should have tomato sauce and cheese and maybe pepperoni!" according to him.  The first time I ordered a pineapple and pepperoni, I thought he'd faint.  "That's not pizza!" he snarled turning his back on it and me.

Though I mourned the lost of the bocce court along the front of the restaurant, when management replaced it with terrace seating and umbrellas, they did a good thing.  It was very pleasant yesterday afternoon - shade with a soft breeze.

Richie is correct; there should be a restraining order against pineapple getting within 100 yards of pizza.  Jay S (not Z)

I say Jay S (not Z) comment about Richie's remark regarding pizza with pineapple on it and I agree 100 per cent.  Pizza should never have citrus on it - never!  Indiana Doug

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