Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The Korean Shirt

I was bein inundated with photos of a shirt for sale and when I blew it up, I was in love.

It's supposed to make a star shape across your chest.  It doesn't do justice to the ad that made me desire it.  However, by pulling and tugging, I got it to look very nearly like the ad.

What was disconcerting to me was that when it arrived, the big envelope had all kinds of Customs stamps and clearances from THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA.  Not South Korea (somewhat acceptable) or North Korea which is NOT acceptable at all.  I do not want  one red cent of my money doing anything nice for Kim Jung Ugh.  

However, the shirt was on sale for $19 so what the hell.  North or South it's good design and very well tailored.  And I loved the cut of it pictured. . Several of you reading this may well be thinking, "Vell, I vas chust followink orders..."

 But when you see the frequent ads for Luvyle .com , be damned sure you've got the patience to wait for it.   I ordered it 9/7/19 and it didn't arrive until 9/18/19.  "5 to 7 working days, indeed."  The only thing that kept me going was visualizing how great I would look in it. (Hey, I can hope, can't I?) It is tailored and I am not a frou frou type.  

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