Thursday, September 12, 2019

Neighborhood Irony

Today's Daily Breeze brought hot news this morning - with the headline, "Chick-fil-A on Artesia Boulevard Will Open Today."  (No exclamation mark apparently needed.)

As it happens, due to the terrain here near the major intersection of Artesia and Aviation it is easily visible from our east-facing balcony.

We've watched construction from tear--down of something else to yesterday seeing a really big parking lot and a 2-story building.  What they need with two stories is unknown to me - food storage - is the whole upstairs one giant refrigerator?  Or a secluded dining room for insiders only?  A secret chapel for the pius?  Both?

"A company spokesperson" did some bragging.  It is the 37th Chick-fil-A within 25 miles of Los Angeles and employs 70 'crew members, double ordering drive-thru lanes that merge into a single payment lane, two walk-up ordering windows and a 24 seat patio but no indoor dining area.

Richie who loves ceremonies (they lead to parties) was curious about any ceremony that might ensue from this momentous event.  He asked, "I wonder if they're going to have a drawing to see who beheads the first chicken?"

You were wondering about the irony mentioned in the title.  This new Chick-fil-A is four or five blocks down the hill from the former Dolphin/now The Bar which is the oldest gay bar in Redondo Beach.

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