Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Why Birthdays Are Happy

Dr. Ruth (Westheimer) the self-proclaiming sex expert is 91 today.  Wonder if she's still gittin' any (elbow jab) heh heh 

Born in 1928, she has led an exciting life - successfully fled the Holocaust, escaped first to New Palestine and then to the United States. 

She forged ahead with an MA in Sociology at the New School in 1959 and went on to an Ed.D in 1970.  She also blew through three husbands, but stated that #3 Manfred (Fred) Westheimer was "the real marriage."   They were married from 1961 to his death in 1997.  
They met skiing in the Catskills which struck me as funny as Dr. Ruth isn't as long as a ski was back in the day.  This tiny little figure on gigantic skis schussing down a slope … amuses me.  

Undoubtedly she is happy to be having a birthday even if it is her 91st.  

I am happy because it looks like I may have at least another one.  A recent mammogram prompted a call from the mammogram people; could I please make an appt. for a re-take of my left breast.  Something about breast density and photo could be better, all said matter-of-factly.  

Having had a recall on the equipment previously, I shrugged.  The mammogram this time had been customized for this procedure and had something I had never seen in a machine.  Instead of two flat plates that meet, this time the top flat plate had been enriched with what looked like a handle, ending in an upside-down plastic cup (to capture just one part?)  The tech said, "This is a little more painful than the regular," and she was not kidding.  YeOWWW!

The sonogram that followed was downright relaxing - warmed  gel, while lying flat on your back and feeling it trace soft curves around here and over there.  Even a little towel to wipe off when she was done.  She left me to pull my sweater back on and retuned to hand me a paper and asked me to sign it.  It was the report on findings and the box marked "Normal/Negative - no evidence of cancer" was the only marked box on it.

I am happy because unless I do something stupid, I'll have another birthday next year.  If you're lucky, so will you.  Let's all have a drink together and toast our good fortune and have a another happy birthday again!   

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